Cinemovel Foundation

A tweet for Felina

Roberto Saviano: For a tweet you die. For a tweet you are condemned to death. For a tweet you will disappear forever in Messico“.

Don Luigi Ciotti: the theft of the words

Lawlessness is strong in our country, but it is heralded by all the word legality of course many speak about this but they chosed the legality malleable and sustainable.”

Caravans of travelling cinema

Together with to the honorary president Ettore Scola and the expert consultant Pierluigi Sacco, Cinemovel Foundation has created an itinerant platform of social communication which uses the language of audio-visuals and of the web.

The Magic Box
Playing Cinema

A series of recreational and educational workshops aimed at telling stories, for children and young people aged six to sixteen; the workshops reflect the values of the Charter of children’s rights to art and culture.

machel“Travelling cinema has two great advantages: the first is that it is “movel”, it is mobile, and it can go on the spot, the second advantage is that cinema communicates in a straightforward way, with great empathy, because it is image, not spoken words, so reading is not required in order to understand. It is image!”.

Graça Machel Mandela

Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie. Parce que le crayon sera toujours au dessus de la barbarie…Parce que la liberté est un droit universel…Parce que vous nous soutenez nous