Cinemovel Foundation



1Cinemovel Foundation make it possible for cinema to travel, and therefore to become a tool for knowledge, exchange and awareness, with the aim of contributing to the cultural, sociale and economic development of the countires through which Cinemovel travels. Through travel Cinemovel Rediscovers the encounters between tradition and innovation and the quality of experience, both of which are part of cinema.


Cinemovel Foundation is an international body that promotes access to new technologies, a more equal distribution of material and intellectual resources, and processes of democratic development. Cinemovel operates on the basis of teh values of social identity of each specific country and on the basis of the solidarity between communities, sometimes far away; it allows cinema to continue doing what it was born for: telling stories.


  • spread the culture of cinema in those context in which it does not normally reach. Stimulate the social and cultural life of so called marginal areas and promote exchange and dialogue opportunities;
  • promote awareness campaign of high social relevance, thus filling the gap created by the lack of means of social communication. Promote the social and health-care advancement of local communities;
  • use cinema within contexts of strong symbolical meaning, in order to raise awareness and stimulate critical thinking;
  • create training opprortunities in the field of cinema which are hands-on, based on quality experience and on the values of tradition, open to innovation and to creativity;
  • be an innovative means of communication, thanks to new technologies, which allow an easier exchange of expertise;
  • promote research, documentation and production of contents in the field of cinema.

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