Cinemovel Foundation


Presidente Onorario

There is a personal memory that has helped me to appreciate Cinemovel: I was born in a small village, with just six hundred inhabitants, on the mountains, where every year a truck used to bring a cinema. The first time I was just four years old and I was impatient to arrive in the square… it was very windy and cold and the tarpaulin that had been mounted at the centre of the village bashed the air like a sail. The sense of movement transmitted into the film… they were screening, The Devil’s Brother with Laurel and Hardy. The atmosphere was that of a sacred ceremony and no one laughed, everyone bend forward, attentive, nearly worried, laughing would have seemed like a desecration. The first film screening I saw was a comic film with pensive spectators, a feature which became my filmmaking style: satirical, funny, but serious, in the end (read the interview)

Cofounder and President


I have been dreaming of travelling throughout Africa since I was a young girl. The fascination for Africa was fuelled by reading authors such as Salgari, Verne, Conrad and by the tales of a friend’s father, who happened to work there, and also by an unusual TV programme. In 1997 Nello accepted to come with me. We started from Madagascar and there, after a night out at Majanga’s cinema, the idea of travelling cinema was born, with the aim of taking the magic of the big screen on the road to Africa, and continuing to do what cinema has always done since its inception, which is telling tales.



I arrived at travelling cinema after a long experience in organising and reinventing cinemas; I also won the Sacher d’Oro for best cinema organiser during the “school year” 1990-91. Since then, I have reopened indoor cinemas and summer cinemas in various places in Italy. Then Elisabetta and I left for a trip to Africa and we had on our minds cinema and the digital revolution of Silicon Valley.

Board Member


Claudio was born in Imola and has been active in politics since he was very young. At the age of thirty he was director of a local newspaper. At forty he was part of the staff of the prime minister, at fifty he was a member of the board of administrators of Cinemovel. He is into information, politics, music and football… Cinema is a love affair, although never fully reciprocated. Because seeing that, somewhere in the world, a light of ray which stands out in the dark brings happiness, gives sense to one’s own civic commitment.

Project Manager


Vincenzo studied cultural management at the University of Bologna, after a three years degree in cinema studies. After work experiences with cinema and theatre (, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, 20th Century Fox), Cinemovel becomes his ideal marriage between performing arts and cinema.

Project manager


I am a cultural manager; I work as consultant for some cultural organisations and I am a contributor of Il Giornale delle Fondazioni, the online magazine of Rapporto Annuale Fondazioni, published by Il Giornale dell’Arte. I have worked as project manager for Goodwill, an organisation for strategic consulting in the field of fundraising and fundraising-orientated communication, corporate and private philanthropy and strategic design in the territory. I am passionate about Cinemovel Foundation’s projects because they bring together social engagement and culture; for this reason I work to promote and develop its mission.

Technical Director


Fonico free lance, ha collaborato per 10 anni con lo scenografo Luciano Damiani, ha studiato applicazioni di psicoacustica nel campo del cinema con Lucas Film e Ircaam di Parigi.
Si occupa di progettazione acustica e lavora per programmi televisivi rai e mediaset, in tournee di concerti live e spettacoli teatrali.
Collabora con Cinemovel dal 2006 occupandosi della direzione tecnica.

Head Technician


Andrea has a degree in environmental sciences and has worked in the field of experimental theatre for a long time. He has been living in Rome since 2010, where he works as sound designer for documentaries, theatre events, installations, architectural projections and for TV programmes. He has been a Cinemovel collaborator since 2012.

Consultant to the programming


It deals with movies from a life: it was first film critic and journalist, then in the selector Festival (Venice, Rome) and director (Bellaria, Trieste). He has a genuine passion for the documentary: it has produced or co-produced many at the time when he shared the fate of the first Italian pay-TV, TELE +, but also for independent companies such as Fandango and Vivo Film. It currently has the job of head of acquisitions (movies and documentaries) for Officine Ubu. He enthusiastically joined the project Cinemovel, follows the programming of the caravan Free Cinema in Free Land Festival and hopes that it can become increasingly “global” or at least European (if Elisabetta and Nello will make it, but they certainly will).

Press Officer


I have travelled whenever possible and I have travelled a lot with imagination in those places where I haven’t been able to get to yet. I have always enjoyed writing since an early age. I love cinema and the arts. As a grown up I have written about cinema and I have been a professional press officer for a few years now. In the next life I will be very rich and will live off travel writing. That’s why I am here: I am preparing for the future….

Didactic Head “Scatola Magica” project


Freelance artist. For 10 years, collaborating with other artists, set designers, theater directors, musicians and designers such as video artist and as a video designer in the theater. He attended the sculpture course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she majored in anthropology and visual culture. He has participated in master classes for the use of video technology at the University of Arts in Berlin and numerous workshops with international artists and theater directors in Germany and Italy. His training multimedia port in interdisciplinary fields of art, cinema and theater where he explores the research on non-linear narrative approcciandosi in socio-anthropological themes such as travel and child care. Log in collaboration with Cinemovel in 2013 for the project fun and educational ‘magic box’ – playing at the cinema for young people aged 12 to 16 years.



Walter has been working as director, cameraman and editor since 2000; he has created documentaries and reportages, as well as TV shows and corporate videos, in thirty different countries. He is very passionate about the south of the world, about travelling and about geopolitical issues. He also works with photography and graphic design.



Mauro is a photographer and he teaches photography at IPS A. Steiner in Turin. He started out with sport photography and then moved into reportage. He recently worked in the field of social photography, in collaboration with various associations, where he has contributed to the completion of projects not only as photographer.



Salvatore Infantino is a young photographer and an aerospace engineer who currently lives in Toulouse. He has been cultivating his passion for photography for a long time, thanks to the support and collaboration of some close friends. Over the past few years Salvatore has travelled a lot for work and study reasons. Getting to know new places and new cultures has given him the chance to improve his technique. He is specialised in portraits and reportage photography and has been able to marry his passion for photography with social engagement, in student movements, with support for the migrants, in the fight against mafia and with political solidarity for Palestine.



Film critic and festival programmer and curator, she is member of David di Donatello – Accademia del Cinema Italiano (Italian Film Academy) and Cento Autori (One-hundred-authors) – association of Italian film authors, script writers and film directors. Since 2002, she’s been working as a writer and producer of creative documentaries, for her own company, Bartleby Film, and other Italian and European companies. She has been contributing, as a programming consultant, to Cinemovel projects, since the early campaigns in Mozambique and Morocco. Esperienze come il Cinemovel rappresentano il vero futuro del cinema. Experiences as Cinemovel represent a truly possibile future not only for the global society but also for film and filmaking.



I am a journalist and reporter, and I live and work in Rome since 2002. I specialise in reports and international politics, and I started working with Cinemovel from a Tv set, while the caravan was getting to Marrakech (where we realised the first live show Italy-Morocco) by passing trough the Moroccan desert. After a while, I joined the Cinemovel team, and the passion and interest for the foundation activities gets bigger and bigger with every adventure.

Video Journalist


In 2008 Riccardo graduated in multimedia communication and journalism at the University of Perugia and then worked in Rome for an international tour operator as events organiser and promoter. He subsequently moved to Trento and worked for the regional TV as curator and video journalist of the newly-born news digital channel TVALPI. He currently lives between Ravenna and Bologna, he is a collaborator of the weekly magazine Sette Sere and a free-lancer on video projects.



She graduated at Dams in Bologna, and then specialized in writing and production at the Scuola del Documentario in Milan; she is the author of two short movies and three documentaries, including “Si vola”, a documentary which won many national and international awards. She collaborated with the Sky group, with the production companies InvisibleFilm (Milano) and Revolver Film (Roma) and with the CortoDorico Festival for the CortoPro match-making; she is the curator and creator of “Conero Doc Campus”, an higher education project in Cinema Documentary.

Projects Consultant


Franco has been involved in fund raising and in the organisation and running of cultural, social and touristic projects for more than twenty years. Since 1992 he has designed and achieved a number of projects co-financed by the European Union, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, FSE, Regione Emilia Romagna and various other private and public bodies. He is the founder and president (from 1998 to 2009) of the cooperative Arrivano dal Mare! and he is on the regional board of directors of Associazione dello Spettacolo dal Vivo of Emilia Romagna–Agis.

Projects Consultant


Anna has been itinerant since she was born, but in particular as she’s grown older. She has travelled and lived in Tuscany, France, Cantabria, Piedmont and the United Kingdom; she has a degree in international and diplomatic studies, with specialism in extra-European countries (Africa, Asia and Latin America). In Emilia Romagna she met Cinemovel when it was at its start and their relationship has grown from strength to strength over the course of a decade.

Responsabile Volontari


I am originally from Trieste, but for a while I have been living in Milan, where I graduated in international law. My field of work includes criminal law, immigration and international protection. I have always been extremely passionate about travelling, diversity and artistic translations of reality. Since my first meeting with Cinemovel in 2009, I have been following the red camper van of Legalità with which I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate in its ever-growing number of stop-overs in Milan, while I look forward to living in a new city and joining the camper van in some amazing European square.



I am originally from the countryside of Bagnacavallo (RA) and I have been residing in London since 2004; I am a visual artist and art teacher. My relationship with Cinemovel dates back to the documentary Mozambique where cinema goes, which I promoted at cinema festivals outside Italy in 2002. From a picturesque London loft I translate the website of Cinemovel and dream of joining the caravan of Cinemovel on my bicycle somewhere in the world.

and: Felice Invernici, Marta Iorio, Alice Bescapè, Renata Falcone, Michela Piccinino, Vito Baroncini, Luca Tassi, Raffaele Rago, Niccolò Buongiorno, Valentina Mottura, Cesar Penalva, Adelina Nantumbo,  Nicoletta del Pesco, Abdel Choutil, Jamila Hassoune, Halima Oulami, Abdou Lahat Mbaye (Mara), Piera Zaganelli, Alessandra Battaggi, Lorenzo Frigerio, Andrea Magnani, Vito Di Vincenzo, Elena Aime, Cinzia Greco, Salvatore Fronio, Andrea Meccia, Giovanni Andriolo, Valentina Sartor, Erica Polini, Ruben Mir Ugolini, Francesco Ballanti…