Cinemovel Foundation

Caravans of travelling cinema

Together with to the honorary president Ettore Scola and the expert consultant Pierluigi Sacco, Cinemovel Foundation has created an itinerant platform of social communication which uses the language of audio-visuals and of the web.

Cinemovel takes films on tour with the aim of connecting countryside and cities and linking different cultures and countries; high quality experience and the encounter between tradition and innovation are at the centre of Cinemovel’s actions.

Cinemovel crosses countries with a variety of means of transport and takes cinema to people thanks to new technologies. Cinemovel carries out awareness campaigns together with local partners and develops training activities aimed at fostering independent and productive enterprises in the various places where it goes to.

Cinemovel’s projects include a number of training activities, such as filming, editing, screening films, using the web and social networks, because Cinemovel is convinced that there is an inseparable connection between the democratisation of countries and the access to new technologies, all of which allow the exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the circulation of information and a more equal distribution of intellectual and material resources.