Cinemovel Foundation

Charlot in Africa

The universal language of cinema at Mboro Film Festival

One hundred years ago saw the birth of the fictional character Charlot; Cinemovel opened the third edition of Mboro Film Festival / The Community Festival with a screening of The Kid, in which artist Vito Baroncini interacted with the film through his whiteboard art.

This was a unique event for the audience of the Festival, which took place from March 5 to 12 2014 in Mboro Ndeundekat, about 100km north of Dakar. The small fishermen’s village saw the return, between tradition and innovation, of the Community Festival, whose main aims are spreading the culture of cinema, incentivise local sustainable tourism and create training opportunity in the field of audio-visuals for youngsters belonging to local associations.

Elisabetta Antognoni and Nello Ferrieri, founders of Cinemovel, together with Walter Romeo will shot a film on the community and on the young people that are part of the training activity and that will create, through a startup, an association that in the future will run the Festival together with Cinemovel.

Mboro Film Festival 2013 Photogallery