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How they see us. The blogger Anna Maria De Luca speaks about us on The Huffington Post


“Every minute is uploaded to YouTube more than 300 hours of video, approximately 432,000 hours of images a day. It can therefore still imagine a school that takes away from their doors the grammar of the moving image? I know that in many institutions this is left to the free initiative of brave teachers venturing with exhibitions and workshops in a field that certainly is not one of the skills required of them when they studied for the competition. They do it because we believe in and are passionate about. Kids often know more than professors regarding technologies and multimedia, but we don’r need to withdraw. The reality of today gives us a certain fact: the school needs more and more to use the audiovisual as a teaching tool.

In these days it is running in a network right petition launched by Cinemovel, a virtuoso group of people that after bringing the film in Mozambique has decided to continue their project in Italy, in particular to explain the law and rights to the students. Through film, cartoon, overhead projector, they tells them the evolution of the Mafia in Italy: a story that is certainly not in the textbooks. I got to know their performance (tuning during the last edition of Free Cinema in Free Land), “Liquid Mafia” by Vito Baroncini and Andrea Basti. On the subject of education and citizenship, is undoubtedly the most powerful and effective communication I ever have seen in recent years, both in terms of expression and for the results they get. It ‘a work in progress, a participatory art project that enrich itself through the meetings, the stories that Cinemovel meets on its path and along the streets of legality. Pure demonstration of how the story, if it comes out of the rigid patterns of the minutes, can engage children in a profound and educational way.

“We want the Italian school approaches to international models of media literacy and image education. For this, we collect ideas, people and proposed to return to the school the tools necessary for the training of tomorrow’s citizens,” reads the petition. The topic deserves a raise and a big spread. If the theoretical point of view the world of education is quite convinced of the need to abandon traditional ways of teaching, linear, static, focused on the teacher, in favor of a more dynamic and flexible methodological approach that focuses on metacognitive processes students, from the practical point of view I still see a lot of difficulties in translating the power in place. ”

Anna Maria De Luca

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