Cinemovel Foundation

machel“Travelling cinema has two great advantages: the first is that it is “movel”, it is mobile, and it can go on the spot, the second advantage is that cinema communicates in a straightforward way, with great empathy, because it is image, not spoken words, so reading is not required in order to understand. It is image!”.

Graça Machel Mandela

scolaEttore Scola, Honorary President Cinemovel Foundaton, interviewed by Nicoletta del Pesco for Notebook Ilaria Alpi Awards Africa & Mid (EGA press, 2009).

We Are Here. The Magic Box in Norcia

“We are here!”, with the students of Istituto Battaglia of Norcia – “What will our future be, will we have prospects, will we still be able to live in this place? We feel at the mercy of destiny, in a state of suspension, and, at the same time, more mature. To get out of it you have to mature, you have to be strong and think that we are still here!”

Cinemovel lands in Latin America

New project for the Cinemovel Foundation landing for the first time in the Latin American continent, in Brazil, starting from Salvador in the State of Bahia, which is the same of Glauber Rocha director best known and original “cinema novo Brazilian”.

A tweet for Felina

Roberto Saviano: For a tweet you die. For a tweet you are condemned to death. For a tweet you will disappear forever in Messico“.

Bobo, Action!

A workshop on creative writing, comics, puppet making and stop-motion animation with Guglielmo Trautvetter, film director and puppet maker, and a special appearance from Sergio Staino, one of the most renowned Italian illustrators and cartoonists.