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The journey of Libero Cinema in Libera Terra 2020

Libero Cinema in Libera Terra 2020, the Moveable Feast 15th edition. Libero Cinema in Libera Terra is a traveling Film Festival that for 15 years has been traveling in Italy and Europe in those places where Mafia assets have been confiscated and given back to the community. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic the “cine-van”…

African Screening – The Community Film Festival of Inhassoro, Mozambique

Cinemovel Foundation has always promoted projects of travelling cinema for health and social communication campaign and wish to present a new project: African Screenings – The community Film Festival. This is a project created to involve local communities and international partnerships to foster free public screenings, training courses for local youth, social communication campaign, with the aim to focus on the value of cinema in between tradition and innovation.

Artist@Work in Ferrara for the Festival of Internazionale

From 5th to 6th October 2018 Artist@Work will be in Ferrara for the Festival of Internazionale magazine. The 64 works created by more than 80 Italian, French and Bosnian artists as part of the European project “Artists@Work” will be on display at the Grisù Factory in Ferrara (street: M. Poledrelli, 21) from 10 am to…


  “RIFIUTOPOLI Poisons and antidotes” is still on the road. The story of Enrico Fontana and the artistic performance of Vito Baroncini, go on on a series of events to reflect on the way we consume, starting from the waste we produce and how we handle it. The conferences are also a way to foster…

Libero Cinema in Libera Terra 2018 Edition

Cinemovel Foundation continues its commitment for the 2018 Edition of Libero Cinema in Libera Terra, the Travelling Film Festival Against Every Mafia.

The ‘cine-van’ is ready to go: the screen will be up starting 17th July 2018 in Lombardia, Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Umbria, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicilia until 5th August, to champion the values of legality and to broaden the field of democracy.
The Travelling Film Festival of Libero Cinema in Libera Terra 2018 includes two thematic summer camps: Estate Liberi in San Giuseppe Jato (Sicily) and Genoa (Liguria).

“The Undergound World” according to Enrico Fontana

Enrico Fontana* started narrating the world of “Rifiutopoli” (waste country) in 1984 after he discovered that waste “would be discarded even in the most beautiful of places, where you would expect to see only butterflies, not waste”. “Rifiutopoli” became the story of an underground world, where waste is corrupting nature at its core. This story…

MeMo – Memories in Motion

MeMo – Memories in Motion is a multimedia project created by Cinemovel Foundation to tell the story of a property located in the Northern town of Galbiate (Lecco, Italy) redeemed by the justice system in the mid 90’s, from its previous owners affiliated to the Mafia: the Coco Trovato family. Today that property is a building…

Cinemovel African Screenings is back

Cinemovel African Screenings is back and is going to the Ivory Coast for the first edition of the Community Film Festival of Grand Bassam 2018, thanks to a partnership with the Abele Group.
We are very happy and proud to hear about the work of our local troupe in Senegal that since the first Community Film Festival edition (2010) in Mboro Sur Mer, is now working on the 2018 Edition of Senegal Weurngeul Film.